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[I have since reconciled my opinion but I will not delete this comment, I have no shame in holding a bad opinion and then changing it later]

Anti-trust is a silly term, the only time there are real problems is when a company has a monopoly via government enforced legislation (American internet and cable is an excellent example). If Intel is uncompetitive a competitor will emerge to fulfil the vacuum of that very item. Look at netflix or municipal broadband roll-out, completely decimates monopolies where they are allowed to freely flourish.


[–] Troll 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago 

If Intel is uncompetitive a competitor will emerge to fulfil the vacuum

And how do you intend to enter a multi billion dollar business, goy? You have no cash, no technology, no people, no infrastructure, no fucking nothing. That's why Intel basically has no competition. Because Intel IS the fucking government.


[–] NorBdelta 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

After thinking about it for a while I change my opinion on the matter, companies must be allowed to simultaneously be competitive and prevented from being anti-competitive, the line is fine where this is drawn though. But that being said I am no expert in the matter.


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Ah, but their prices are still competitive, otherwise AMDs prices become a better option.


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This has been proven wrong so many times it boggles my mind that anyone believes it.