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Or a smart worker would take the job and after 6 months start looking for a new one but now with IBM listed on their resume. Why not make use of them for their name if they are going to use workers like this?


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Yeahhhh I'd probably date Taylor Swift too...

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Self > Humanity.



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A lot of corporate industries have certain tells and unspoken requirements. I know in certain areas of advertising that if you are at a job for less than a year or two then it's cause you couldn't hack it. So of course they wouldn't want you.


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In some cases yes, but if you have a history of longer employments (5+ years each) and get an interview it is one thing they would be wise to ask about. There you can explain that you took the job to get experience with a large tech company but once hired you feel like a number not a person that is why you are looking again after having taken the time to learn what you can from them.

You don't quit and then look but look while still employed and spin it as the knowing how they conduct business but the new company valuing it's employees. Makes you sound like an asset and complements the company you are looking at, a little smoke up their backside at the first interview never hurts in getting brought back for a second or hired just don't fog them out with to much.


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I second this. I took a job with Panasonic, the position ended up being a bait and switch of what I was to work on. Put there name on my resume and received a job offer from Xerox with a 20k pay bump and doing exactly what I was looking to do.