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When the FBI Has a Phone It Can’t Crack, It Calls These Israeli Hackers

'But the attention around the false report obscured a bigger, more interesting truth: Cellebrite’s researchers have become, over the last decade, the FBI’s go-to hackers for mobile forensics. '

'Many other federal agencies also rely on the company’s expertise to get into mobile devices. '

'Bypassing encryption, the most vexing problem law enforcement faces today in mobile forensics, is one of Cellebrite’s biggest selling points. '

'The analytics team is also working on being able to automatically identify activity in video extracted from mobile devices — an act of violence, for example. '

'Something else was happening to push sales in the U.S., according to Christa Miller, Cellebrite’s former director of mobile forensics marketing from 2012 to 2015. '

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