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Unsleeved Media said that the playtime is pretty long, and that turned me off. I had some interest in the original, but none of my friends were into it. I've been thinking about picking it up because I'm sick of the CCG business model and style of game and WotC's horseshit.

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It depends on what clan you're playing, how comfortable you are with the rules, and how comparable you and your opponent's skill levels are. Short games are about 40 minutes, whereas long ones might be more like 80.

It's not one of those games where you can sit down and power through like 5 straight matches, but I'm used to miniature games, so the playtime actually feels pretty short to me.


WotC's horseshit

Yep. I used to play MtG when I was younger, and completely fell out of it. For years I thought a switch had been flicked and for some reason I just hated Magic now, but... Nope. Turns out I hated the Magic community.

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The only card game I’ve played even close to this is Coup, which is much smaller and based on person to person bluffing. A collectible card game that builds up within the match (as opposed to a CCG like Magic) sounds like a good party game that doesn’t overwhelm people.

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Yeah, the inclusion of some kinda bluffing mechanic - even a really simple one - changes things a lot.