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Yeah I agree the drama is tiring, I dislike this kind of thing but it needed to be done. Your one line summary may be a little pessimistic in its view of the community, but otherwise accurate. I was quite happy to see in the "Voat" thread, things remained really very civil, and there were a lot of people like myself, interested only in safeguarding a sub they enjoy.

I do sympathise with you guys, particularly with @she as the focal point of some really nasty shit. But while I don't mean to excuse the behavior of some real shitheads - it comes with the territory of being in any position of responsibility within any internet community. As the saying goes "if you can't stand the heat, get out the kitchen".

Personally I was hoping you guys would have made your move already, instead of basically going into hiding, in the interests of a swift conclusion to all this. I see this morning there is another post up in /v/AskVoat referencing this drama I have yet to read. This is not going to go away. I suspect things calmed down because such a clear message was sent to the mods, and now we await the action that ~88% of the community have voated to support.

As an aside, I also strongly suspect that there are private groups of powermongers who have an unhealthy interest in being moderators, collecting subs like pokemon cards, and creating some kind of IRC-driven cabal. On a wider scale, this is what worries me more than anything - this is exactly what happened to Reddit, although having been on the internet for the last 20-odd years it's about as surprising as eating food and a turd coming out your ass. Having these kinds of people wield any power over this place is a fucking terrible idea.

Thanks for your comment :)