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☒ Requester has 100 or more CCP (has 63)

Marking as Rejected - CCP


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Is that the only reason? Last time I checked, hostile takeovers didn't fly because that's not how it works.


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Considering mods are still active and probably other things, I'd say the request would not go through (haven't even checked). Still, fail a single requirement and your request is pretty much rejected.

I was only doing the requests that failed the CCP requirement last night.


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Hi Daniel,

I understand your rejection, but my CCP should be irrelevant as I have a reasonably high posting rating. I am able to dedicate a couple hours a day to moderating, and can ensure you that my values prevent me from censorship of any kind. I will be an open and honest moderator that can take the heat from people asking me to do things against Voat's interest. I urge you to reconsider, please let me know if you have any questions which could help to sway your decision.

Respectfully Yours, N2theoah

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C'mon, you're a mod. Have some class.


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Do you think this is appropriate behavior for an AskVoat mod?


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Please tell me this is sarcastic... it's not hard to get 100 CCP. If you can't get 100 people to upvote you (there is a wide variety of people on here, and no admin censorship, so even 'unpopular' opinions can get upvoted) you probably can't properly moderate a space.

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@moe is an SJW

This is coming from a gamergate supporter... LOL

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