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Congratulations, you just put the most divisive and harmful person on Voat in charge of the largest subverse on Voat.

A person that has single-handedly managed to generate more than 100 discussion threads on Voat in the last six days that I have so far managed to document (also scroll all the way down):

So Ms /u/She has at least that going for her. I doubt though that this is a good qualification to have to grow and nurture a community on Voat.

Edit 1: And after reading through this comment thread, it really should give you pause for thought that the only user putting up at least the semblance of defending u/She is the ever present u/SpaceRosa. Is it only a small vocal group?

Edit 2: u/She's inauguration announcement is not well received by Her subjects:
- Archive of Announcement thread
- Archive Frontpage of AskVoat