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You need to stop being so naive.. I called out her shit months ago, before the askvoat debacle (it was obvious what she was about from the start, but no one paid attention then)... I find it hilariously sad that any of you are humoring her at all.

you need to calm your tits and give cancer a chance.

I already gave her a chance and she showed her true colors. You're making a mistake... I'm not shy about telling you "I told you so". Get ready for it. Maybe you'll finally learn your lesson about these cretins.


Voat is supposed to be a place where one can freely express views, no matter how controversial, unpopular, shunned, or frowned upon

That's why you don't give positions of power to people who have proven they don't support that ideal. WTF?

She only raped one child, why wouldn't she make a good kindergarten teacher? Stop being so judgmental!

Hope you like looking stupid.