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No - I'm sure that by "divide" he means "to set groups of posters against each other" or "to encourage discord." Or, one might say, "to cause a polarized debate."

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[–] Scandinavian 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

Yup. Until seriousdiscussion decided to slander us, none of us had any coordination whatsoever.


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Group is false.

Like "cabal?"

And even if I were to presume this true, what does that have to do with PuttItOut's original statement, your response OR my response to that?

The link at the end was a single days actions during the initial protest.


What it was was you explicitly doing exactly what you're here pretending didn't happen. That's the intent of your selective links. You're trying to create the impression that you didn't attempt to divide the site, when the reality is that you not only did so, but did so very deliberately.

I was back only 2 or so days after deleting my last account in anger over mod abuses that I tried to speak up about and was silenced for. I lost my shit in blood rage and used every trick in the book to make enough noise that it couldn't be silenced.

I'm not sure how you think any of your emotional turmoil is of note.

I spoke publicly about it for accountability.

So your "accountablility" is limited only to that thread? When on another thread - this one for instance - you suddenly stop being "accountable" for trying "to cause a polarized debate" (which is to say, to "divide") and instead are somehow so pure and faultless that you not only didn't attempt to "divide" but can't even understand why PuttItOut would bring the subject up?

I have not continued the behavior.

I see nothing in this thread about the behavior being continued. I see PuttItOut referring to the fact that the behavior occurred and you pretending that you didn't have any part in it.