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Then we'll have to confront those wrongs when they occur. We can't deny someone from a valid process just because they "might do something wrong later". Or even if they will do something wrong later. We're not the thought police here. If someone violates Voat's terms of service, they're banned. If they mistreat the community, we can as a community take action, move to another subverse, do whatever we feel we need to within the limits of Voat's TOS. But we shouldn't deny someone their rightful process just because we disagree with their views. If we do that then we're just the same as Reddit. I'd rather be better.


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Being a mod is a privilege, not a right, and someone with professed SJW ideology does not deserve that privilege, because they oppose free speech as a core belief.

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No. Discrimination on the basis of ideology alone is wrong. @She, as far as I know, hasn't done anything yet to suggest she's some boogeyman SJW censor-happy mod, as she's made out to be. Don't assume guilt before innocence, and certainly don't assume guilt before any "crime" has been committed. Ideology is not action.

Your SJW is a strawman. I don't think you really do interact with many supposed SJWs. They're an idea in your head. You talk a lot about what they think and what they do, but it's all bullshit and assumptions.