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[–] Scandinavian 13 points 32 points (+45|-13) ago 

Cancer isn't an ideology.


[–] SpaceRosa 12 points -2 points (+10|-12) ago 

What you're saying, at the end of the day, is this: "I don't think people should be allowed to claim subverses if they have opinions I don't like."


[–] Scandinavian 7 points 14 points (+21|-7) ago  (edited ago)

What I am saying is that I think we, as a community, should stand up against people who have spent the past five-seven years on Reddit mocking the very concept Voat is built on, free speech.

It's not a free speech right to get to control speech. I don't think the user she is right to control AskVoat. In the marketplace of ideas that Voat is, I can position myself like this and you can do whatever obstruction it is you do.

Please also remember it's not an American website. There's no tacit obligation to coddle whiny women or minorities or whatever here. We Europeans don't roll that way in matters of business or PR. You don't get very far playing damsel in distress and I can assure you the site's founders don't drink your Kool-Aid, either.