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[–] Scandinavian 8 points 49 points (+57|-8) ago  (edited ago)

Great. We got an SJW white knight as moderator in a core function, subverserequest, having basically transferred a huge verse, AskVoat, to SJWs despite loud protests. Might as well go back to Reddit then.


[–] ChillyHellion 6 points 5 points (+11|-6) ago 

I don't think asking for evidence is white knighting. Innocent until proven guilty is a much better system than "innocent until enough people say they don't like you." @moe is also limited by the rules of the site, which means he can't just deny subverserequests to people that he doesn't like. I think that's a good system also, since @moe may not always be the one approving requests.

I came to Voat because on Reddit the censorship gun is always pointed at the unpopular opinion. On Voat I don't have to worry about where the gun is pointed because there is no gun. That works both ways. I don't want my speech to only be protected because it's popular. Then Voat is no better than a Reddit clone. We have to face the reality that you can disagree with everything about a person and still have to coexist with them because the same system that protects you is protecting them. I disagree with everything about the SJW movement, but throwing labels around like "SJW" and "White Knight" without anything to back that up is just as lazy as throwing around "misogynist".


[–] Scandinavian 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

While I really appreciate your thoughtful reply, I urge you to realize that this is what we're fighting: the gun. When the pro-censorship people get a hold of the major subs, then Voat is done, because then there's a gun.

Please fight alongside the community, and don't choose appeasement. We need smart people like you.


[–] moe 14 points 1 points (+15|-14) ago 

I'm asking for examples here.
If you cannot provide any, then your claims are of no use to me.


[–] Scandinavian 7 points 15 points (+22|-7) ago  (edited ago)

You know what? Fuck that. You can go see her comment history like the rest of us can. I'm not taking your bait.

You can listen to the community. Or you can do whatever it is you're doing now. Trust me, it's going to be a short run doing things like this and with that obtuse tone, buddy.