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This requested has been Closed due to: Subverse 'v/ovenmagnets' no longer exists. (sad face). This request is being automatically closed. Subverse Request Requirements


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I used to be a mod on v/ovenmagnets when I had the profile/account/screen-name Deep_In_Hate some time back, I started having personal issues not limited to the threats I was receiving, had to deal with other things I care not to get into and when I got back from a hiatus the /v/ was gone?

Given the influx of, I don't know whether it's; Hasbara, ADL, SPLC, or some other organized Jewish trolls, and their rather obnoxious ganging up on anyone who names the Jew, I would like that /v/ revived and would like to have it.

I promise I will try to keep to factual information, and related entertainment, I have no intent to promote any actual violence, though I do like to use sarcasm and hyperbole which is protected free speech.


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Try creating it.