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Why is it that all these sensational stories that happen in the U.S. only show up in the Daily Mail?

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Self Censorship

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It dey kulture, ya better not be judgin dem

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de ony obvyus solushin be to tayk de guns away frum whyte peepo!

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gang gang

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https://dontvis.it/https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8830425/Texas-High-School-football-coach-gunned-members-youth-teams.html :

2020-10-12 | Texas High School football coach gunned down in front of members of youth teams | Daily Mail Online

'A High School coach was gunned down outside a youth football game in Texas following a family dispute. ', "Travis High School principal, Sarag Laberge, confirmed Lauderdale's position as a first-year teacher at the school and an assistant coach on the varsity football team."

'Derwyn Lauderdale, 29, who worked as a football coach and teacher at Travis High School in Richmond, Houston, died after being shot in the stomach in a parking lot in Rosenberg, Texas on Saturday. ', " Please keep the Lauderdale family in your prayers. '"

'The suspected gunman, James Hamilton, 28, of Houston, is said to have shot Lauderdale outside the Seabourne Creek Sports Complex, where young people were preparing to take part in a football game. '

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