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Because fuck them for being race Baiting political hacks. Fuck their entire sport. Fuck them.

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Who cares about this other than frat boys and their faggot fantasy league?

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https://dontvis.it/https://deadline.com/2020/09/rams-nfl-sunday-night-football-ratings-down-cowboys-nbc-60-minutes-1234576202/ :

2020-09-14 | ‘Sunday Night Football’ Season Debut Ratings Crater From 2019 – Deadline

'Despite two teams with big national followings, SNF snared a 4.7 in early ratings among adults 18-49 and 14.81 million viewers last night. '

'Sadly, that winning feeling wasn’t reflected in the ratings for NBC and the NFL in SNF‘s season opener. '

'In numbers certain to change, that’s a fall of 28% in the demo and a hard decline of 23% in sets of eyeballs from the early numbers of the the September 8, 2019 SNF season debut. '

'With all that on-field action, and coming off disappointing ratings of the NFL season kickoff on September 10, the league and the Comcast-owned network were looking for a win themselves this football packed weekend. '

'Even with the usual ratings gold of Jerry Jones’ team on the field, the NFL and NBC didn’t get that win – at least not in the early numbers. '

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