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That's actually good. The more they call us racist for every little slight, the more power the word loses. Pretty soon it'll be like somebody calling you cracker.

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MSN. Creating a false narrative

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"White" national anthem. The communists make no attempts to hide the lengths that they've gone to openly rejection the nations they reside in, its values, and ethics. They conflate and reframe history to present the heritage population as oppressors and have the audacity to demand that we all change to accommodate them. The gal of it all. The unapologetic gal of these creatures.

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Now that they have something called the black national anthem, let's refer to ours as the white one.

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And be sung by Whites- truly sung, the WHITE WAY !!!!

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ha ha .. your words mean nothing to me.

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Awwwww, po' Black / jew / White Leftist Fragility....