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I’m there. I’m sick of hearing how shitty I am for growing up in the nation built by my ancestors.

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College football and basketball are subsidizing women sports far more than sailing, crew and tennis. Only a handful of women's programs generate money, the rest are costing the universities/colleges money.

From Kikepedia... (and paraphrased)

Born to jewish family in NY

I'm shocked, shocked I say!

It's weird how all these "journalists" all have Kikepedia pages...

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Why do I have the horrible feeling, that Whites will soon be FORCED - by ((( THE LEFT and their Goyim puppets ))) to attend all sporting events where niggers make up the majority of affaleets....and those who don't will be severely punished, with jail , severe fines....AND WORSE????!!!!

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B . D . S.

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https://dontvis.it/https://www.thenation.com/article/society/ncaa-revenue-racism/ :

2020-09-08 | A New Study Exposes Just How Racist College Sports Have Become | The Nation

'One is that two sports—football and men’s basketball—generate most of the revenue that underwrites athletic departments and pays for coaches’ multimillion-dollar salaries. '

'Through a forensic investigation it found that revenue from athletic departments has nearly doubled from $4.4 billion to $8.5 billion over the last 14 years. '

'Football staffs have seen their salaries double, as have non-coaching administration jobs in these athletic departments. '

'There are certain facts that critics of the college sports model have been pointing out for eons. '

'While it was most certainly stirring to see Alabama head coach Nick Saban at the front of a march for racial justice, these kinds of processions can only release so much steam. '

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