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Cucked Muslim convert doesn't realize that just like the jews, it's a tribe and native born have different rules than converts. Real muslims will kill their own fucking sister.

[–] midnightblue1335 ago 

He probably is not a convert.

Sounds like you don't know a whole lot about the current demographics of the Caucasus region. Dagestan and Chechnya- White muslims everywhere, it's really kinda sad.

[–] Drkadrka ago 

Convert being a group that has converted in, as opposed to a real goat fucking Islamist. I understand Dagestan and Chechnya, they were converted generations ago, but they are still not true Muslims with bloodlines. Just like the jews, just like with the Catholics, the masses are useless idiots, only certain families gain power and wealth.

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Well waidaminute, they were willing to whoop his ass.

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Fucking towel head... no I don’t want money fight my mothers sisters bothers uncle.....,