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Kneeling, wearing a face mask and social distancing is all about *submission."

The elite are using BLM ,a commie front, to exert their control over all of us in the form of an intimidating and thuggish group that doesn't represent all Black Lives.

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What's funny about bLM though is how unable to control their golem (((they))) are. Give niggers and inch and they take as much gibs as they can. They're running wild in the streets and completely killing the narrative of being poor oppressed people. Whites everywhere are seeing it and they're fed up... almost to the point of openly talking about the nigger problem. Once that cat is out of the bag, attitudes are gonna shift real fast. If only they could get their nigger golems to stick to the poor "oppressed by racism" narrative, maybe it might've worked a little longer.

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Yep. The truth is out for all to see.

The jig is up so to speak.

They're creating the racism they say they're fighting against. Go figure ...

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Yes. Kneeling to Jews and destroying our national anthem and very way of life. No more tailgate parties or hot dogs at baseball games or going to church.

There is going to have to be a fight at some point and if there isn't one then there will just be a slaughter.

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Agree. Tomorrow several neighbors of mine in a remote area are getting up early to Salute the flag and sing the National Anthem.

Afterwards, we will have a light breakfast outdoors and discuss how we can take care of one another if, hopefully not when, the shit hits the fan so to speak.

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It's worse than that. He said they shouldn't feel like they have to kneel, and people are giving him shit for that.

I'd like to see Barkley and JLP sit down for a conversation.

[–] truth2025 ago 

Media turning a mouse into an elephant and dumb niggers and "white" jews run with it


If anything they should kneel for white victims only. Maybe every 20th kneel for a black person

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the irony of their movement is lost on them actually kneeling

[–] Rahav ago 

∆ This ! ∆

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Charles Barkley sees an END to the nigger gravy train courtesy of WHITE PEOPLE EXCLUSIVELY.

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YYYEEEP all these "based" negros are trying to tell the uppity arrogant ones to shut the hell up because whites are their meal ticket. Even the rich ones leech off whites, because most rich black people are shitty entertainers dependent on white people to pay to see them. If whites stopped paying taxes so many jigaboo households would just starve to death.

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They wouldn’t starve to death, the banking families would ensure that they are provided for while whites die off, probably instituting a system similar to communism. Niggers would be unhinged, it would be worse than South Africa as far as nigger crime goes

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This is just terrible, terrble.

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[–] boekanier ago 

We will do the thinking for niggers. Where are we going, if they start to think? (Libtards)

[–] SodaPopinski_ ago 

WTF I love this nigger now.

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