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https://archive.ph/wip/5Eeyb :

2020-07-30 | NBA players kneel in protest of racism during the national anthem as the league re-opens | Daily Mail Online

'But after 20 weeks of waiting, wondering and worrying, the 2019-20 NBA season is restarting with a champion scheduled to be crowned in October. '

'NBA players have used their platforms — both in the bubble and on social media — to demand equality, to demand justice for Taylor. ', "And the league has recognized that. 'And that's not all that changed since the NBA stopped play back on March 11."

'The NBA season was suspended when Rudy Gobert of the Jazz tested positive for the coronavirus and became the first player in the league with such a diagnosis. ', "There aren't any fans in attendance, health and safety protocols are now paramount, and teams can't even shower in the arena after games."

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Blacks are so incompetent and incapable that they can't even find pure-blooded african to lead them. Lebron is an Uncle Tom for following the example of a halfbreed poser like Kaepernick.

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How many niggers will die this weekend in chicongo, LeBron? Why protest something that rarely happens and will have a full judicial review (police shootings) rather than the widespread homicidal rages of your own race?

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kkkaepernick / the terrorists , have won