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Never have, never will.

Fucking overgrown crybabies.

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Ok. We will stop watching niggerball. Easy

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I've got a bad case of negro fatigue so that works out fine.

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The funny thing is the jews are completely forcing these “protests” on niggers. Most probably don’t care about nothing but their sport, muh dick, and muh bling. Jews really ruined sports like everything else. The NBA should relocate to Africa, all their protest shit is gayyyy as fuck. Get these niggers out of white countries sports leagues

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I wish all White ladies and gentlemen, White boys and girls, White children of all ages would just stop supporting professional sports. Stop watching. Stop buying the merchandise. Stop talking about it at work and with your family and friends like it fucking matters. And White people need to stop propping up black musicians and entertainers who shit all over us. If we'd stop throwing money at people who hate us the problem would quickly solve itself.

That being said, let them get political, let them take a knee, and I want it ALL to be shown on TV. No cut to commercial, no camera above the neck, no switch to the cheerleaders or some fat old bastard who played decades ago and is still able to read a teleprompter despite his brain damage. I want White people to see what they are funding. And I want them to get pissed off enough to turn it off for good.

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Pay to watch black goons throw a ball be it basket or foot. NO


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The future is black anger holding a boot to your head forever.

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