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'end racism' meanwhile 80% of the league is niggers and 70% of the fans are white.

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That's a hilariously stupid thing to write in the end zone.

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Some sgitlord needs to get out there and paint "why" end racism.

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'silence non whites' underneath it.

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I am really not watching any football again for two years solid straight. Didnt see one minute even on a tv at the bar, I boycotted them durring football also. Mainly I didn't want to expose myself to the fucking brain dead morons.

The year before I visited friend and they had the game on.

Year before that I watched 1/4 with Gramps, I can't beat him up on it, football was real back when he watched sports. He didn't agree sjw shit but that's what men did. Today that's what cucks do. Gramps died a man though, through and through.

Year before that, one game.

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That'll be telling those niggers to stop being racist.

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Betcha after this season of the NFL we never hear a nigger utter the words Nigga ever again in the history of the planet. All rap music will be wiped clean by the super bowl.

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War, disease, hunger, poverty, illiteracy, none of those were big enough problems for the NFL to stencil shit in the end zones, but some niggers are pretty sure "nobody likes us, wah" and that qualifies for the end zone stenciling. This elevates "racism" as almost as important as advertising Geico in the NFL's end zone decoration policies.

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I support this.

I guaran fucking tee you you can google the arrest records of every single one of htem 'victims'

And here is Joe Jones number 45 displaying the name of Jogger McJoggerface, convicted for a minumum of 30 years for child rape, also has a record 65 arrests for solicitation and ...... 243 drug related arrests. Died after being murdered by police visiting a family at 2am after being mistaken as a burglar by the family who, like the racists they are, called the police when all he wanted to do is make sure the family was safe.

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Did they list them yet? Ild do it. Ikd bing it, Google never has any quality results. They know what you want and then give you e returning you don't want to waste your time / life.

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They're ruining their product just as their customers have grown accustomed to not having their product. Truly stupid timing, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of jews. All of the pro sports leagues are dead.

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I'll be boycotting all places that entertain with sjw sports. I'll walk out. Ild rather drink sewer water. Nobody inside watching has brain and i know it.

Besides that... I know it's all orchestrated by an AI now. It calls all the plays and gives everyone a chance to be the hero.

Watch the coaches talk, they have tells. The ai runs a fairness program that is supposed to make Merchandise Sales equal based on excitement delivered by the Amazing Plays.

It's easy when the AI sets a week defence for its Amazing Offensive Call.

OMG!! He's so good at football in have to spend $500 on merch now to prove that I liked the plays!! Fucking morons!!

And if it doesn't work, coach will say something like joe blow blew it today but next week we try again to get it right.

That's not how a leader works, if joe blow Blows It, he should be cut for sucking not given another chance to sell merch and get stats.

It's all too obvious, it's all about money and indoctrination reinforcement and wasting your previous time in your life. Even writing this a waste of my time, I hope you benifit from it if you're on the fence.

I didn't miss not seeing the game or even having knowledge of the scores and stats.

In the wisco, they all watch. They all wana talk about it, they are shocked when I say I dont watch football. It's stupid. And then i tell them about Iowa on Sundays, it's so peaceful without all these retarded NFL fans out every were and also it doesn't bring out Police Hunting for your rights and to fleece your money by cause of victimless dui.

Fuck every fuckingvthing about the NFL.

I'll watch some UFC but I ain't paying $13 for 5 wings.. fuck that EVERYDAY.