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If you ask an Inuit, they'll tell you they're Eskimo.

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Never could understand what the problem was with "Eskimo". Lemme guess, some drunken French fox trapper coined the word 400 years ago so now it's muh imperialism?

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And soon, the NHL....

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From the story:

According to TSN, the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League will also make a change in nickname due to concerns that the current team name is a racial slur. While the team has always claimed the name is intended to be respectful to Canada’s Inuit population, there has been a strong contingent of activists who claim the name is a slur.

In 2015, an Inuit politician named Natan Obed, penned an op-ed about the team name claiming, “we are not mascots or emblems.”

“In a time when we still struggle to be heard, where there is vast indifference to our socio-economic condition, where we still fight for acceptance and respect from Canadians every day, dominant society continues to use us, a minority indigenous people, as their mascots for their sports entertainment,” Obed wrote

“Allowing this practice is a fundamental departure from how we wish to be treated in all other conversations we have with Canada.”