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Maybe he should just shut the fuck up and drive the car like a professional.

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"Fryer also reported that Wallace, NASCAR’s only top tier African American driver and prominently in the news when reports surfaced of a noose found in his garage at another track, was booed when he was introduced and had fans cheer when he crashed."

So full of shit.

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https://archive.ph/b5S4y :

2020-07-18 | NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace Booed, Crashes As Confederate Flags Fly At Race – Deadline

' It wasn’t like they don’t want you there.”NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Calls Out Donald Trump's "Hate" In Response To President's Tweet - Update'

'NASCAR’s Cup Series All-Star Race was not a good one for Bubba Wallace. '

'It was the first time a significant number of fans were present at a NASCAR race since the Confederate flag was banned. '

'Appearing at a qualifier held on Wednesday in Bristol, Tennessee, Wallace was booed, then crashed into a wall. '

'The group Justice 4 Diversity held signs along Speedway Blvd. after the race.”Wallace made an appearance on Thursday night’s episode of Showtime’s Desus & Mero talk show and defended his role in NASCAR’s efforts to ban the Confederate flag. '

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Gird for the backlash; race card playing, ((( media ))) hurricane of anti-White propaganda, politicians of all races spewing sanctimonious bullshit that attacks Whites, et al. And soon the White fans will be VERBOTEN from ever booing him, or future nigger drivers. Saw all this coming.

I'm starting to believe he never saw a single NASCAR race in his life, never knew about "bumping" and "rubbing" ,and expected to drive untouched.