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I heard that there were high-rise apartments going in on the land. Who would want to live next to a landfill is anyone's guess. Probably section ape.

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A mixed-use development is planned for the site. This, of course, would include some low-income housing.

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I saw the plans for it in a circular. I used to work more or less across the street and someone from the building I was in went to the city council meeting and brought back the proposal for the property. This was some time in 2018, though, so plans may have changed since then.

It's going to be five Agenda-21 commie beehives. 10 or 12 floors. The bottom level will be grocery, liquor, and cellphone and sushi stores and the like, and the remaining 9-11 floors will be two- and three-bedroom apartments, with one building dedicated to office space.

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Saw a number of concerts there. Though, never a Pistons game.