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Coco is a fucking guy! Msm avoiding that like the plague.

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Michelle is a dude too so it works

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"hey girl! You passin!"

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If white people acted like the obamas about people of our own race we would be called racist.

Wouldn't it be nice to celebrate people of your own race and not feel guilty about it?

[–] Whitening ago 

But remember : blacks "never have the power to be racist"....using their retarded words: mmmmmmmm hmph.

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https://archive.ph/duPct :

2019-07-06 | 'I am done. Crazy.' Wimbledon wunderkind Coco Gauff is thrilled as Michelle Obama hails her tennis | Daily Mail Online

'The Briton had dumped his British doubles partner Harriet Jay in order to partner up with the rising tennis star for the mixed doubles. '

'The 15-year-old was in action alongside Briton Jay Clarke, 20, in the mixed doubles on Court Two this afternoon. '

'Her game going into three sets now means Andy Murray and Serena Williams will have to wait to make their Wimbledon mixed doubles debut. ', "However, three days ago she left British player Dart frustrated after asking the 22-year-old's doubles partner Clarke to couple up, almost Love Island-style, with her instead."

'Teenage sensation Coco Gauff has had her first taste of defeat at Wimbledon today after losing in the mixed doubles - but is still celebrating after being congratulated by Michelle Obama for her stunning Centre Court comeback yesterday. '

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