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I listened to a local sports talk show in Tampa this morning. They went into detail. This ape would beat off in the locker room and on the plane.

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i bet that shit was covered up because of his dad. Predicting some kind of sex scandal within the Cleveland Browns or Tampa Bay within 1 year.

Do the Browns and Bucs have anything in common... ownership or management or anything?

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It’s all about “muh dik” with these fucking vermin.

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https://archive.ph/G24Au :

2019-06-14 | Kellen Winslow Jr 'masturbated in front of NFL teammates and watched porn' | Daily Mail Online

'Defense lawyers also said the sex was consensual and that Winslow had cheated on his wife repeatedly with no-strings-attached sex. '

'In the early days of smartphones, Winslow allegedly took to watching adult content on his device during meetings, it was reported. ', "In a separate case, Winslow is accused of breaking in to two elderly women's homes with the intention of raping them."

'She said she passed out at a party in a San Diego suburb and woke up to find Winslow assaulting her. '

'A 57-year-old woman said he exposed himself to her while she tended to her garden in May of 2018. '

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He must be a sex addict!

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This is the first time i've visited this subverse.

i read the first article title and it's about sports, as expected TYSON FURY SHOWING OFF -- BEATS SCHWARZ WITH EASE.

i read the second article title Convicted black rapist Kellen Winslow Jr 'masturbated frequently in front of his NFL teammates, watched hardcore porn on flights and traveled with a lifelike silicone sex doll'


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"Kellen Winslow Jr, 35, was convicted of raping a 58-year-old homeless woman" 😟

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muh dick