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Like a man

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I skimed it and didnt find the part about the guy fighting back.

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https://archive.ph/0M4UQ :

2019-05-09 | How This Trans Athlete Is Fighting Back After Being Banned by USA Powerlifting – VICE News

'USA Powerlifting is a member of the International Powerlifting Federation, which observes International Olympics Committee rules that have allowed trans athletes to compete since 2004. '

'In its policy, USA Powerlifting claims that transmasculine athletes who take testosterone as part of their transition are essentially doping. '

'The results of the vote, as well as the transgender policy itself, are set to be discussed at a USA Powerlifting board meeting on Thursday. '

'On May 3, USA Powerlifting sent an email to its female members asking them to weigh in on the transgender policy through an online vote. '

'Up until January, USA Powerlifting had no transgender policy of its own. '

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Keep going! Turn it up to 11.