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The insane argument essentially boils down to, anything that anyone ever perceives as racist the person should be instantly considered guilty, because "feelings"

So if tomorrow blacks decide that wearing sunglasses is somehow racist and you wear sunglasses, then you are racist, because they can never be wrong or unreasonable. Only their "feelings" matter, nothing else.

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I know I'm a racist.

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https://archive.ph/Ho5Dz :

2019-05-09 | Cubs fan ban: Instead of excusing racism, try listening to those affected

'I can’t know what it feels like to be a person of color – or a member of the LGBTQ community or a Muslim, for that matter. ', "We've minimized the bigotry and hatefulness athletes of color experience everyday, including at their work places."

'Never mind that he was an adult, not a 13-year-old kid, or that he “just happened” to do it behind Glanville. ', "For too long, we've brushed off the opinions of Native Americans who don't like their names and images appropriated for nicknames.", "We've dismissed the prevalence of the racism and economic disparity that prompted the NFL protests."

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