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What does mike need 'healing' for other than psychopathy?

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If you're yelling me that weed is gonna keep Tyson from eating someone's children, I day he should smoke all he wants

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If you're already a child eater, weed is not going to inhibit you from doing that.

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A fifth of Scotch is "Healing" too

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Sheeit. He'll fall asleep about one inch into that uber-fatty.

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https://archive.ph/J9DQR :

2019-02-11 | Mike Tyson spotted smoking a foot long joint at marijuana festival | Daily Mail Online

'After an impressive boxing career, it appears Mike Tyson has decided to let loose as he heads deeper into his 50s. '

'Tyson even admitted to smoking marijuana before he beat Andrew Golota in 2000, which he won after Golota failed to answer the bell for the third round. ', "And Tyson certainly didn't look to be in any pain as the 52-year-old took multiple drags on the giant joint."

'It also stands to be a lucrative business for Tyson, with the sales of legal marijuana estimated to reach $24.5billion by 2021, according to Forbes. '

'Tyson scored a technical knockout, however the decision was later changed to a no contest after testing positive for the drug after the fight. '

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