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This post is at liberal levels of virtue signaling.

Look at how much I don't care about football!

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Hah. I suppose you're right. :-)

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To be honest, I didn't watch the broadcast. Too many scandals have been around this game. So I just looked at the detailed statistics at https://777score.ke Recently, I see less interesting games and more uninteresting shows. I don't like that.

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But was there a Pewdiepie ad from Mr Beast?

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For a "slave plantation", they seem to make a lot of money.

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The "I Hate Whitey Bowl", is finally over. Eh. Well, I guess that pregame announcement by the Rams that they would not go to the White House if Trump invited them, can now be ignored. ( Ha ).

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Boring as fuck... i mean, i only had it in the background and i was STILL bored.

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I had ABC's stats display up in a window, glanced at it every now and then, that's the only reason I noticed.

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Honestly didn't know they were playing.

What niggerball team did they play against?

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It was The Nigs VS. The Nogs.