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I didn't bother watching until I saw it on the internet. I wasn't excited at all. It's a tough thing going from boxing to kickboxing or from kickboxing to boxing. The range fucks you up. As a boxer you're used to staying right out of your opponent's punching range, which is perfect kicking range. It's hard to stop yourself from doing it because you have to unlearn something ingrained in you like an instinct. The stances are different, your legs wider as a kickboxer. It takes power from your punches but ads to your kicks. This is particularly problematic for a kickboxer going to boxing because not only is their punching power diminished, the kickboxing stance also diminishes your movement. The transition is bigger than you think. It is easier to learn something new than to unlearn something so ingrained in you that you do it without even thinking about it then having to learn something new. It's very unnatural.

Tenshin vastly underestimated Mayweather. Mayweather was never a power puncher but he's hurt fighters, maybe not buckled knees but he's hurt about every fighter he's fought. He will pop them solid and they back off. Again, not a power puncher but he can hurt anyone being as accurate and as fast as he is. When Mayweather planted his feet and sit down on his punches, he just mauled Tenshin. He saw Tenshin's over confidence. He knew he was too green and he rushed in and hurt him. You saw Tenshin trying to fight back and him trying to switch stances got him popped and knocked down too.

People saying this fight was fixed are wrong. It was setup for a Mayweather win 4 sure but it wasn't fixed If it was, Tenshin was the best actor I've ever seen and deserves an Oscar. Tenshin took hard punches. The one that knocked him down, during the first knockdown may have hit his harm when he was off balance but it was the punches before that, those are the ones that did the damage. Tenshin was hurt early and never recovered. This is something you see kickboxers have to adjust to, that rush of punches. Even when boxers go to kickboxing, aging boxers, they usually smash the first opponent or two they fight and then the kickboxers would adjust, learn how to stave off that initial round and hurt the boxer with kicks. This being a boxing match, Tenshin could have did better if he was not overconfident and better trained but he still wouldn't have lasted as long as McGregor did.

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