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Oakland Coliseum is a shithole. What's new?

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https://archive.fo/sgH0i :

Injured Raiders star Marshawn Lynch 'lights blunt off flame honoring late team owner Al Davis' | Daily Mail Online

" Other possibilities includes UNLV's Sam Boyd Stadium, which would need to be remodeled somewhat to accommodate an NFL team.", "His son Mark, the team's current owner, now plans on moving the team to Las Vegas for the 2020 season."

'By that point Davis was already having success as the part owner and general manager of the Raiders, and he eventually became principal owner in 1972. '

'Prior to what may have been the final Raiders game at Oakland Coliseum, injured running back Marshawn Lynch lit a torch in honor of late owner Al Davis on Sunday – and he did not stop there. '

'According to ESPN, potential home cities for the Raiders in 2019 include San Diego, Santa Clara, Reno, Las Vegas, and Glendale, Arizona. '

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