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But trannies always win. PENIS.

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Then she backed down, the coward.

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What do you expect, men are physically and mentally stronger than women.

She never had a chance.

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Never apologize to those people. Never.

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Exactly, tell them to fuck off... End of story.

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Or do it again, and harder.

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was among the most outspoken critics who said that the tennis legend should be “accountable for public transphobic comments” made against people of alternate birth gender.

Honestly, people just need to start kicking the shit out of these degenerates again. That seemed to keep them in check. "people of alternate birth gender" holy fuck. I couldn't buy enough rope.

Seriously though, our children are being molested by these people and they demand rights? I'm pretty close to reaching the tipping point. If we all just sit back and do nothing we're welcoming it. There's going to be violence, and I'm at the point where I'll 100% support it.

If they weren't coming after the kids on such a massive scale I might be willing to turn the other cheek, but it's been what maybe five or ten years since "trans acceptance" has become a thing and they're already pushing it on the kids. What's it going to look like in another ten years?

I mean we're at a point where we can't even say that Men shouldn't compete against Women, not because it might be offensive to the women, but because it's going to be offensive to the man who is dressing up as a woman. Like that's some fucking mass hysteria if I've ever seen it. How is it that society at large is just going along with this. I mean the activists talk about violence against trans people but I seriously haven't heard of any. I say we give them what they're asking for. Make them afraid to fucking molest children again.

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Yes, the backlash, when it finally comes, should make the survivors flee the continent.

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I always wish I was in these conversations. It's fun to get labeled phobic of anything for questioning it. It's extremely easy to turn that around as "don't be afraid of being questioned". Do you think we divided sports by gender because of anything other than hormone effects on performance? Do you think banning someone from a non-contact sport like baseball is fair just because one guy took steroids and the others didn't? They all produce testosterone but we ban them from competing for having an advantage. Now you suggest reversing course simply because you want to play with people that have a disadvantage?

It's very easy to get them irrational, irrational is the cause of their angst and it's internal not from other people.

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I never considered the steroid thing. I'm definitely going to remember that one, surprised I hadn't thought of it to be honest, good catch.

I usually just focus on that if more and more Men start competing as Women, it's going to change the face of women's sports drastically. We'll see less and less actual women wanting to get involved and I can't even blame them.

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It's all a social construct! Lmfao

Let them eat cake!

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As soon as she posted her message angry responses and calls to apologize flooded Navratilova’s twitter account, forcing her to delete the initial post.

No balls.

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Apologizing to them is how they gain power.

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It's not the penis part, it's the body build that came along with it.

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Testosterone. It is a performance enhancing hormone that males naturally make more of, and it would be considered cheating if it were injected.

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The left will be the downfall of the left

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Nobody is capable of passing the ever changing purity test.

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That’s the entire point of the purity test. It is not supposed to be a static test which can be passed. It is a form of conditioning to keep everyone under control.

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