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Didn’t he know it is racist for white people to expect black people to be smart and civilized enough to follow the rules.

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There are rules against dreds?

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Yes, excessive hair. But don’t worry, Reverend Al has said the rules are biased against blacks.

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No. The rule book needs to be thrown out. Black people must be allowed to be black.

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So the rules foe everyone equally should not apply if the person is black. Tell me again about white privilege?

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But then lets throw out the reason for the rule which was to prevent hair pulling.

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https://archive.fo/2c9u1 :

White ref investigated for ordering black high school wrestler to have dreadlocks cut off | Daily Mail Online

'Video showed the moment that Buena Regional High School wrestler Andrew Johnson had his locks cut off so that he could eventually win his match against Oakcrest Regional High School. '

'The white referee who demanded that a black high school wrestler either cut off his dreadlocks or forfeit a match is being investigated by state officials. ', "Andrew Johnson might be the hero here, but everyone who let this happen to him is a coward. 'Journalist and author George M Johnson asserted: 'This is racist."

'The embattled referee is also said to have felt that he was merely enforcing the rule concerning hair maintenance. '

'Alan Maloney has been banned from overseeing contests while the probe is conducted, sources explained to TMZ Sports. '

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What was the point. It should have put him in a lower weight class., ounces matter in that sport,

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Totally racism, the same referee had similar actions in the past ...

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Time to start hanging everyone who bitches about this guy enforcing the rules.