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Every single thing a professional athletes says outside of their specific realm of expertise is going to be completely retarded.

All professional athletes essentially stopped learning or caring about anything other than their sport from middle school on. The only way to become a pro athlete is to have an insane drive and singular focus and block everything else out.

So next time you hear an athlete talk about anything other than their sport remember you’re hearing a middle schooler talking out of an insanely athletic adults body.

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I sincerely doubt he legitimately passed high school.

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He can play niggerball, he didn't need an education.

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I don't think most black people in america legitimately pass highschool. Even the untalented ones. Integrating public schools created a huge incentive to force them through with lower standards otherwise our educational statistics fall apart. Who knows how many are still functionally illiterate let alone lacking the basic skills and knowledge expected of a secondary school education. But it is politically untenable to have 80% of blacks drop out so in many regions, especially the south, they need only show up to finish.

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For most of these know-nothings, if they weren't lucky enough to be overpaid to play sports, they'd be picking pockets, or cotton.

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Ha, I had never thought of it this way but you are spot on

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Same goes with scientists. I'm talking about the economics of Albert Einstein.

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slavery never paid so well

back to the Democrat plantation

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The average salary of an NFL player is $2.1 million, according to Forbes


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Let's have a moment of silence for all those poor, oppressed, famous, millionaire jigaboos kneeling for the anthems.

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I mean, he's right. It is a way for whites with money to re-live the good old days. I always saw it as the same thing as LeBron, I just never saw it as a bad thing, in fact, it's like a slave master that gives you the opposite of what slaves used to get, but a thousand fold. If I was a rich old white dude, I'd go buy me a packet of niggers to throw hoopty balls at hole-circles, or hand-eggs at chalked boxes. I don't care if the team is good or not, I just want a packet of wild niggers to use as my publicity, money making, modern day slaves. DANCE MONKEY, DANCE!!! 💃 🐵 💃

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any time this nigger wants to catch a boat to afreeka, he's more than welcome.

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So I think I figured it out. Some of you might have heard an anon story about Africa in which he claims Africa is basically a "garden of eden" in that food is easy to get as it just grows on trees or you can just hunt for it. And that the only thing that broke that was white people providing food and medicine which lead to over population.

So I thought about that. If Africa was this "garden of eden" for thousands of years,where you didn't have to work that hard to sustain yourself,then it's obvious the concept of hard work wouldn't be a part of your daily routine. The very idea of work without instant reward would be foreign to you. You also wouldn't be too familiar with the concept of organized work. You could grasp the idea of working together to achieve a goal,but,again,the organization only lasts as long as the job needing to be done and once done,you go back to doing whatever you wanted.

They also don't get how your actions might reflect badly on your group. Africans have a strong sense of family. So if you have a problem with one,you get the whole family after you. To the point of not caring what their family member did,you don't mess with their in group. Largely because,without some means of providing proof they did something,it's your word against theirs and Africans know they lie all the time. A lie is easy to make up on the spot.

All of this creates personalities where things should require little or no effort to get,your "group" should protect you at all times from all accusations,especially if they're true,and anything that tries to change that behavior will feel like it's changing a fundamental part of who you are. Which it is,even if it is for the better. White society is foreign and strange to Africans. Even after centuries of living among us,they still don't "get it". It's just that fundamentally different from their natural state in Africa.

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Who’s “Lebron”?

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Best is the boycotting of the very source of employment for many blacks because of the lack of black justice. So sweet

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Dude's a faggot anyway, so...

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