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"You all are old racists" he says as he cashes the old man's check the old man gave him for dribbling a ball around

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This so many levels of stupid. They actually believe they could be rich without white infrastructure. If we kept sports white they would be playing in the YMCA.

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Here is the biggest star of the NBA and he's just another angry negro.

Please white men, stop wasting your time and money with black sports. They take your money and hate you.

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Hypocrisy is a helluva drug.

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Fucking pathetic dumbass. It is work. You get a pay check. By whitey and white fans. You bitch. Fuck off.

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Can someone PLEASE tell these 85-point IQ niggers that they do not have to participate in 'professional sports' as a career goal. All they need to do is study, join the military or go to college, get a Degree and become a functioning Professional member of Society.....instead of bitching and collecting entitlement as a lifestyle (when pigs fly)

ps: Ever notice how all the Owners, Board Members and Directors, Commissioners and similar high-up-on-the-foodchain individuals who Manage and Promote "Professional Sports" are almost always Jews? You would have thought that these niggers would have got it thru their thick Simian-Shelf adapted skulls by now that it was the Jews who operated the slave ships that brought them to the 'New World' in the first place, owned the sugar and cotton plantations they worked on as indentured servants, an 120 Years later used them via the Democrat Party via entitlement to keep themselves in Govt Office and in the Business of selling them fruity sugary drinks and fast-food like McDonalds with. Oh and yes, the blackasse'd nigger is perfectly suited for sports and athletics as Jimmy 'The Greek' Snyder so accurately noted 40 Years ago.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKtIqXMpHcY

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Lebron is functionally retarded.

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I suspect he's developmentally delayed a bit too.

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Celebrities really are convinced they contribute to society in a non-degenerate manner. Media is a hell of a drug.

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The hypocrisy is unreal. His HBO show is total shit. Uneducated, immature blacks with too much money and the white cucks who love them is basically what this horseshit is. Just keep your eye on Lebron James if you ever watch this show. This is a thirty-something year old man who still has the mentality of a thirteen year old. It's tragic. He's trying to discuss serious issues dressed like he's going to an amusement park. He can't see the irony of it all. He can't even form an intelligent thought. What is he saying basically, "Dem people who pay us to play sports shouldn't be tellin' us what ta do!"?

Seriously fuckhead?

Also, if Tucker Carlson did a show like this lambasting black people by color, the left would demand him gone within minutes.

I would kind of love to see a conservative pundit repeat the same line almost verbatim when a liberal does it, exchanging white for black and set a trap. When the outrage sets in, play the clip of the black person saying the line and ask why they didn't suffer any consequences for what they said.

Just have the balls to do it. Enough is enough.