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The Red Sox are being hated on by the Twitter mob. It doesn't mean you support the current President if you visit the White House. That is a historic monument. I don't know. Just difference of opinion on this subject.

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https://archive.fo/9amsP :

Red Sox accept invitation to White House | Daily Mail Online

'NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. also visited the White House after winning a points title in 2017. ', "But I don't agree with a lot of stuff that he says about us. 'Cora said earlier this offseason that he would 'use the platform the right way' if the Red Sox visited the White House."

'Teams have visited the White House for nearly four decades after winning championships, but that custom has changed since Trump took office. ', "Red Sox president Sam Kennedy announced Monday night that the team had accepted an invitation to the nation's capital to celebrate its World Series win over the Los Angeles Dodgers."

'The Houston Astros visited the White House a year ago, and the Washington Capitals made the short trip earlier this year after winning the Stanley Cup. '

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Now that the nation is more fractured racially then ever before will we see black champion teams ever visiting a white president again?