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Chapman told Radar that Jungers blamed the pro-golfer for her poor decisions with men and drugs.

'She said all these dirty mothers wanted to fk me just because I had fd Tiger Woods, and before I knew it, all these people were coming into my life because of drugs. I’m a f****g junkie now - and I hate it.'

This bitch was "rescued" from a situation she could have walked out of. Of course everybody but her is responsible for her choices that lead her to be a crackwhore. She never had one bit of fun in her days of partying. These dirty men are why she was having sex. She didn't walk into it once. What a load of shit.

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https://archive.fo/xNnFp :

Tiger Woods ex-mistress traded sex for heroin in Las Vegas drug den | Daily Mail Online

'Former Tiger Woods queen mistress Jamie Jungers was dramatically rescued by Dog The Bounty Hunter at a Sin City drug den where she was having sex with high-profile business executives in exchange for heroin and speed. ', "Jungers has had a history of drug abuse - which followed the scandal with Woods, who she once said she 'loved' dearly."

'After being turned into police, Jungers was jailed on drug possession and fugitive from justice charges, according to Radar. ', "I’m a f*****g junkie now - and I hate it. 'Chapman tracked her down after the fugitive skipped bail in Kansas.", "Radar said the former dancer 'hit rock bottom' by 2014, when she had a full-blown addiction to prescription painkillers, Xanax and booze."

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I don't think Arnold Palmer ever had these issues.

I miss white America.

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Arnie was too busy banging other dudes wives.

It was his fetish.

Like lefty.

The stories I have.

The PGA constantly covers up their players.

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"'What's your name? What's your fing name, bh?!'"

He is the epitome of the classy american.