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Serena Williams is a cheater.

Always has been, always will be.

Ignore the fact that she's black. Ignore the fact that "she's" a "woman". Ignore the fact that she's fuck-ugly. What you have is a competitor with Lance Armstrong levels of prominence, who constantly dodges doping/drug tests, with a consistent track record of withdrawing from tournaments for reasons of dubious credibility, who is known for throwing massive temper tantrums whenever she doesn't get her way, who experienced a gigantic (unexplained) explosion in muscle growth right around the time she started winning so much. Compare pictures of Serena pre- and post-2010 to the before/after pictures of Barry Bonds or Mark McGuire. Compare Serena to Maria Sharapova, Ana Kournakova, Kim Clijsters, or Martina Hingis. She's got like 40 pounds on all her competitors.

She does roids. There's basically no other conclusion that explains all that so easily.

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Lance Armstrong got away with it for 7 consecutive wins but it caught up with him. He was also a dickhead who expected his team to lie under oath (possibly going to prison) to protect his fame and wealth. Serena will be outed eventually.

His career was halted by testicular cancer, but Armstrong returned to win a record seven consecutive Tour de France races beginning in 1999. Stripped of those titles in 2012 due to evidence of performance-enhancing drug use, Armstrong in 2013 admitted to doping throughout his cycling career, following years of denials.

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The bloodclots (pulmonary embolism) she keeps complaining about are most likely due to steroid use. There are many articles that make this claim and there is an article right around this time (2011) that talk about the exact symptoms of steroid-induced pulmonary embolism.

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Ignore the fact that she's black. Can black people do this? Ignore the fact that "she's" a "woman". Can women people do this?

Ultimately the only thing to really remember is she's a player that agreed to the system that MADE HER RICH AND FAMOUS. Players don't get to demand apologies on the court and pretend they're not intimidating the judges.

I'd like to scour the crowd but they're people that watch tennis, WGAF what they jeer or cheer for. I'd much rather use every conversation about Serena as an opportunity to point out Aaron was Spez's sacrifice to the NWO. <- put that on reddit and you'll get banned subreddit after subreddit.