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Tebow isn't a nigger. Seriously, that's why Nike ignored him.

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At least Adidas can't afford to get woke and go broke, they're surprisingly still selling his Yeezy shoes and even promoting them.

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Tebow kneels to Jesus... Kap kneels to Marx... Marx won?

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The difference is capanigger is still holding onto the "prejudice" like a lifeline. Tebow capitalized on his faith and opened a foundation helping tens of thousands of retarded and sickly children.

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because kaepernick is a loser like all the leftist.

seriously, i forgot the specifics but kapernick is the only quarterback in history to throw 3 interceptions with in 5 passes.

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If they’re looking for ex-football players there are thousands of better choices who made larger sacrifices. How about Dave Duerson. He actually sacrificed himself for CTE research. Or Tillman who gave up his career to fight for his misguided country.

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Prayer is hateful for the loony left.

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Thinking your imaginary friend can telepathically hear you and you are so important that he will grant your wish is Looney.

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Cause he's a Binghamton Met now

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Tebow doesn't appeal to the wider Nike market. They are looking for customers who will overpay for a product produced by slave labor.

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Media Controls Narrative.

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