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I have decided that I will only watch Dallas Cowboys NFL football this year. The owner said he would fire any player who doesn't respect the flag. I'd say there is a good chance he will back down.

If he does then I will be done with the NFL forever.

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im a dallas cowboys fan and still decided to mow the lawn instead of watch the opening season game.

i might be done with foolsball nfl. i did watch A&M vs Clemson

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I am a former rabid steelers fan, I will not watch until they all stand. all in all I am getting used to not watching.

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https://archive.fo/xrdAd :

NFL fan interest wanes as the vast majority of republicans and white Americans object to protests | Daily Mail Online

'Despite the controversy, NFL teams still split a record $8.1 billion last. '

'The NFL is still working towards a resolution on a national anthem policy. '

'However, since then the league and the NFL Players Association have been meeting in East Rutherford, New Jersey to work towards a compromise on the issue. '

'Most importantly for the NFL, Packers president Mark Murphy said the lingering effect of some issues, including the national anthem controversy, did not harm to bottom line. '

'After two consecutive seasons of falling television ratings, the NFL continues to face waning fan interest as a majority of Americans – particularly whites and republicans – object to players kneeling in protest of racism during the national anthem. '

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