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Good. Now all you gotta do is actually TEST THAT FUCKING GORILLA FOR STEROIDS.

Don't let her run. Don't let her hide. Don't let her make an excuse. Don't let her claim racism. Don't let her test positive then quietly withdraw from the tournament.

Look at "her," then look at every other professional women's tennis player. That thing is more steroid than human at this point.


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Why is that the case? is it too short?


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https://archive.fo/65OTc :

French Open won't let Serena Williams wear black catsuit

'PARIS (AP) — Serena Williams will no longer be allowed to wear her skin-tight black catsuit at the French Open. '

'He said Roland Garros' new rules won't be as strict as Wimbledon's, which require that players wear white, but will "impose certain limits."'

'The French Tennis Federation president, Bernard Giudicelli, says the tournament that Williams has won three times is introducing a dress code to regulate players' uniforms because "I think that sometimes we've gone too far."', "In an interview in Tennis Magazine's 500th edition, Giudicelli singled out the figure-hugging black suit that Williams wore this year at Roland Garros and said made her feel like a superhero."

'Many player uniforms for 2019 have already been designed but Giudicelli said the FFT will be asking manufacturers for an advance look at them. '

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