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This is an OK couple weeks so far. Antifa quickly moving into its new role as anti-police and fighting both themselves and the cops was a good start, but a Negro Felon League shithead coming out as anti-MSM is marvelous. I’m looking forward to the next libtard FUBAR.


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https://archive.fo/WoLJ3 :

Jaguars suspend Ramsey, Fowler for roles in practice fight | Daily Mail Online

'Petersburg police said Fowler exchanged words with the man before hitting him and knocking off his glasses. '

'The altercation came on the last of 11 consecutive practices in full pads and in sweltering heat and humidity. '

'Ngakoue and Fowler exchanged words while leaving practice, prompting a skirmish in which no punches were thrown. '

'Fowler was involved in several fights Sunday, including one after practice with fellow defensive end Yannick Ngakoue. '

'He was removed from the physically unable to perform list Saturday, so his altercation with Ngakoue came during his second day of practice. '

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I wonder if 100 newspapers will line up to say he's a bastard that is going to get reporters killed