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So he's playing the role of a villain in a fake wrestling event.


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https://archive.fo/FolZx :

Pennsylvania teacher will NOT be fired for Nazi-themed wrestling act | Daily Mail Online

"Most of the crowd reacts negatively to Mr Bean's character but least one child returns the salute in a video of one of his fights posted online.", "A teacher who dresses up as a Nazi caricature in an amateur wrestling league and shouts 'Sieg heil!' as he enters the ring will not be fired."

'Kevin Bean, 36, teaches at Spring-Ford Intermediate School just outside Philadelphia and moonlights for the World-Wide Wrestling Alliance. ', "The Spring-Ford Area School District investigated him when the video came to light last month, but said though it didn't condone his actions he would stay employed.", "Dino Sanna, the owner of the WWWA came to Mr Bean's defense calling him a 'good guy and not a hateful person,' who was very religious and maintained close ties to his local church."

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WTF, def should be fired wow.