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it might have something to do with the fact that she keeps on avoiding actual scheduled drug tests she new about in advance, and having someone answer her front door and claim shes not home when they show up at her house.

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It's a tranny.

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Those "guys" at your gym are really ftm trannies.

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Stop calling him a she.

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Because she doesn't look like a normal female might have something to do with it.

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I think it probably has something to do - at least historically - with dominant performance. If you are going to identify someone in the game to test, forget skin color. Why would you be looking anywhere else besides the abnormally heavily muscled woman who destroys the competition? It's so fucking obvious.

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She literally has man hands. How many top tennis players have man hands like that?

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Or, you know, because she is one of the best in the world. If you're using drugs and you aren't winning anything, what unfair advantage the drugs give to you?

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"normal"... you mean WHITE!!!!??????????

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Whats in the minds of these atheletes? Do they SERIOUSLY think we believe they are clean? Lance Armstrong maintained his drug free stance for what, decades, despite having legs like something out of left 4 dead.

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She's a nigger from Compton... who the fuck does she think they should test? Besides, sometimes you can see her dick flopping around under her skirt... no steroids being used there, nope, no way.

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Her clit is probably bigger than the reddit guys dick.

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Hid in her panic room when a drug-tester showed up to her house unannounced. Was not tested even after everything was cleared up.

Hmmmm, why might that be?

Compare this creature to every other female tennis player.

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she get tested MORE than other players

Doesn't she also win more than other players?

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"dats rayciss"

what niggers always say when they get caught doing nigger shit.

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People don't understand that random does not mean "evenly distributed." A coin toss is random, yet the probability of getting exactly 5 heads and 5 tails out of 10 tosses is less than 8%.

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