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Mario Mandžukić makes history as the first person to score goals for both teams in a World Cup final.

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Talk about an effort. Fuck it was beautiful.

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as hard as I was rooting for Croatia that was just impossible not to laugh at. Like wow dude.

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Holy shit I can already see soccer themed hip hop crossovers.

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Holy Beautiful

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Mbappe the youngest talent of the World Cup 2018 Oh my lord Mbappe runs faster than deer being chased by leopard

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I seriously thought some country in africa had won the world cup. That's what I get for only using voat all day.

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France is part of africa.

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lol my exact thoughts. i can't believe that sweden, england and germany was whiter than france.

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as a french person.. am not surprised lol. mid 1990s 40% were non white in high school. got beat up for being white a bunch of times, sometimes at knife point. at the time i didnt even understand it was racism. we were taught racism is being upset at black peeps.

i lived in a rich suburb near Paris. i can just imagine how it is now.

note: plenty of non white there are good ppl. some white ppl are bad ppl. its just bad on average, and has huge racial tensions and fights - definitely worse if youre a white dude, growing up aka the enemy.

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Really? France has been niggering itself since the mid-1900s. The others only started more recently.

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French team sucked ass. If it wasnt for the two mistakes that croatia commited they wouldnt have won. Croatia was not lucky but they played better

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Excellent tagline!

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Nigerians have taken to social media to celebrate France's second Fifa World Cup title after beating Croatia 4-2 at the Luzhniki Stadium.

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