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I blame the referees. The only reason why these ponces do it is because the refs let them get away with it/reward them for it.

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Indeed. It's behaviourism 101: do something and get some benefit from it = likely to do it again. Get no benefit from it, or better yet, get punished for it = not likely to do it again.

I wish they would start handing out Yellow cards for the play acting. There are lots of rules that are not helping the game at the moment.

(P.S: if you look at some of the serious injuries over the years you'll see that the players very often don't move from the spot, a true sign that they are genuinely hurt - see James McCarthy, who had a double leg break playing for Everton this past season; didn't move. Neymar has someone gently place his foot on his and he rolls around like he's being attacked by killer bees!)

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Diving is a yellow card, there should be new rules for serial divers. Fifa has no interest in changing the rules, it took a lot of convincing to implement the camera system.

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It is unsportmanship behaviour, there are rules against unsportsmanlike conduct, diving is considered one of them. A yellow is given when caughed diving (2x yellow = red). These rules were alright when there was pride in playing the game, nowdays they "trip" and fall at the slightest illegal touch (ex. pulling shirt) for easy foul.

That being said, this Saturday is Russia - Croatia, last two white teams in this World Cup, both are aiming for the first spot, this will be an epic game.

Spoilers: Croatia will win ;) big respect to Russia but Croatia has much better players.

If you do not understand how someone can watch soccer, place a small bet on this Sunday's game and prepare for a great match. This is how I started watching hockey

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I've never had much interest in the sport. I generally enjoy participating but watching any sport has never really entertained me.

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tbh,most pro sports are this way now.the NBA being the main culprit

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I laughed, seriously, when I heard the Mexican coach say "this is a sport played by men!" I like to watch soccer, but flopping still rages me. They need two field refs, and give yellow cards and red cards to flopping or overacting. Do it for two seasons and the problem will go away.

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It is known.

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Idk who downvoted you but it is true, just research "Neymar ridiculed" and you get a shitton of articles about his divings. Players like this are the ones who destroy this game. Soccer has a lot of contact plays, it ruins the game when a player drops down like he was stabbed whenever he is slightly nudged. Fucking faggots...