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Anyone wanna bet that the 'victim' is white?

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A definite Negro Felon League hopeful. Probably going to be a first round draft pick.

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Yeah another football player, another rape. What else is new?

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There is that but let’s not forget that nice young lass was only there to make friends!

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Any physical evidence to this? Like DNA?

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https://archive.fo/TNKNt :

Utah State football player accused of rape at party | Daily Mail Online

'A Utah State football player has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman at a party. '

'The charges come as a former Utah State player heads to trial on charges alleging he assaulted seven women. '

'Jamaal A. Evans, 19, of Las Vegas, is charged with rape and forcible sodomy after he allegedly assaulted an intoxicated woman at an off-campus party on June 17. '

'The report states she heard the shower, but when she tried to get in, Evans attempted to stop her. '

'Green originally had seven trials scheduled, but six of them were similar date-rape circumstances, leading the court to consolidate them into one. '

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