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I hope they keep on winning. Everybody needs this clown world pushed in their face.

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I kinda wish Hillary would've won so that civil war could've started. trump only delayed my satisfaction. HILLARY 2020

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I was kinda hoping Trump would give us a civil war. Either he MAGA or he crashes this country hard.

The never trumpers would never take up arms against the government.

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yeah, i think about that quite a bit. We would have already been slugging it out rather than dragging this on.

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Careful people might realize you really just like Hilary

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Well you do know if the" me not" would of lost every race there would be protests and marches demanding for them to renig the results and give the "me not" the best times. And then call all the other racers racist! That is the world we live in,

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Are they even really transgender, or just cross dressing. Not that it matters, just curious if they are transitioning for real or if its just a scam to win some medals than then suddenly say... " I've decided im a guy now, thanks for the scholarship."

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It says they have started hormone therapy, but it doesn't specify when, and it doesn't sound like their hormone levels are being measured at all, so they may not be actually taking it anyway.

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So brave! That makes them double transgenders!

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Hey, anything to fuck "the man" right? LMFAO

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All the scholarships are for women an minorities, it's not a bad gambit.

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I can't wait until all female athletics are filled with males who want to be female.


Needs to take over all fields really. Especially chess.

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I may actually watch women’s basketball...

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Maybe it has already started in women's chess.

Watching men wearing weaves take over women's sports will be hilarious. Especially those that to the extent that they get any attention today, it's as an opportunity to ogle the nubile athletes.

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A disturbing lack of empathy and perspective from these "girls" who demand others develop empathy and perspective.

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Hahahaha! Way to go liberals.

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Good. Really shove it in everyones face, no matter how much lipstick you put on a dude, men are designed to be physically stronger than women. Thats the point of men. Too many forget that, and guys allow themselves to become soft, or skanks think they can beat a man in a real fight. Not a pretty end either way.

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I just roll my eyes too when I see men pretending to be women.

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This is black men racing white women. Of course, a black man will outrun a white woman; black men already outrun white MEN. But let's see how far the intersectional feminists are willing to take it. Let's see how many more lies they can tell themselves. Does their nihilism and self-delusion have a limit? It should be interesting to find out.

Ultimately, this could destroy women's sports.

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Ultimately, this could destroy women's sports.

Not a bad thing.

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